Thai Massage Circus (Luang Prabang - Lao) 

February 4th - March 1st 2018 

Registration is open for the 2018 Thai Massage Circus.

You are invited to join the 11th annual gathering at the Circus Village close to Luang Prabang, LAO.

Immerse your spirit in a one month Thai massage experience. Take part in morning meditation and daily yoga. Enjoy cold rivers, warm fire, herbal steam sauna, delicious vegetarian meals, and countless moments of joy…

Training Program

  • Major Thai massage principles :
    • Several highly experienced Thai and international Thai Massage masters and Yoga teachers.
  • Anatomy :
    • Palpatory anatomy workshop
    • Applied anatomy to Thaï massage practice
  • Biomechanics :
    • Types and classification of joints in the body
    • Axes and movements of the major joints of the body.
    • Spine particularities
  • Clinical approach :
    • Indications and limits of Thaï massage practice
    • Case studies in small groups
  • Therapeutics points
    • Contribution from Thaï massagepoints therapy, Shiatsu and Traditionnal Chinese Medecine (TCM)
  • Thaï massage classical routine : a blessing or a curse ?
    • Basic technics improvement and interest of the routine
    • Free your hands and develop your own Thaï massage
  • Thai massage and pregnancy :
    • Benefits and contraindication during pregnancy
    • Specifics ailments (sciatica, circulatory problems, etc).
  • What can we learn from osteopathy ?
    • Concept of general mp3 downloads free osteopatic treatment
    • Internal organs routine
    • Cracking or not cracking?
  • Thai flying circus pratice and acro yoga work shops