Arno L’Hermitte

Director and founder of the Thaï Massage Circus, physiotherapist and osteopath







Arno originally trained in physiotherapy and osteopathy in France and England, and has run his own physio and osteopathy clinic in Tahiti for ten years. Arno has been involved in bodywork for over twenty five years.  While traveling in Asia he came across Thai massage and has since been working with the integration of eastern and western approach. Having trained first at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, then with Asokananda, Pichett Boonthome and Chayuth Priyasith, he is now based in Bali in association with the Dragonfly Village retreat center.  He runs courses in massage around the world and has a unique approach to his work which inspires people to shape the direction of their own practice.  He is renowned for his gentle, firm touch and the development of the Thaï sacred dance.


Itzhak Helmann   

Thai massage 


Itzhak Helman is trained as a Thai massage teacher since 1997, he is an authorized teacher of The Sunshine Network. Over the last 19 years he has been practicing Thai yoga massage together with developing his own independent method combining vipassana meditation, yoga and Thai massage as a whole. His main inspiration is based on the Eastern philosophy of his teacher Asokananda as well as other great masters like Pichet and Chaiyuth. Since 2001 Itzhak made Auroville Universal Township in India as his home, there he was engaged in therapy work at the Quiet Healing Center together with teaching students from all over the world. Itzhak is known for his passionate and honest way of teaching.


Anastasis Koutsogiannis

Ten years circus yoga Master -







A certified Hatha yoga teacher and massage former professional dancer began his yoga journey in 1994 in Varanasi(India). He has been giving regular classes in Hania(Crete) and participated in different seminars in South East Asia and in Europe.  He studied Hatha, Ashtanga and Anusara Yoga, in India with B.N.S Iyenkar, in Thailand with Yonas Westring free mp3 downloads and in America with Richard Freeman and in several Yoga and meditation retreats.  His teaching is a blend of his broad and extensive background with Anusara Yoga inspiration, and the grace and balance of dance. He has started Thai massage in Thailand in 1999 at the Old Medecine Hospital. Since then, he practiced with many other teachers, including Pichest Boonthumme, Jack Chayia and the Circus team. He has also assisted different courses in Thai massage and at the Thai Massage Circus.


Pau Castellsague








Pau started his spiritual journey in 2005 with his first trip to India that became a life-changing experience. He quit his job and his career as a journalist to study Yoga and, together with his brother Wari and his sister Mireia, they created the Omshanti Yoga Studio and later on, the Barcelona Yoga Conference. Yoga opened the doors, AcroYoga was the catalyser… and finally Thai Massage was the one that stole his heart. Along the years, his passion for Thai Massage has repeatedly brought him to the Lahu Village (northern Thailand) and the Sunshine House Greece (Evia). In 2014, Laurino Bertelli, his first inspiration and mentor, authorized him as a Sunshine Network teacher. He was also touched by the vision and dedication of Arjan Pischest, KrishnaTakis, David Lutt, Arno L’Hermitte, Itzhak Helman and Kaline Alayna Kelly. At the moment, he is engaged in a 5 year Osteopathy program at SICO (Switzerland). 


Thomas Blobelt : 


 Thomas started his professional education in 1997 when he studied physiotherapy.
Until 2003 he worked as an analyst for movement patterns in the cognitive unit at the Max Plank Institute in Leipzig, Germany. During this time he learned Shiatsu. After his work in the clinic he discovered his passion for Thai massage at the Wat Po traditional medical school in Bangkok and was mentored by Mama Lek in Chinag Mai. In 2004 he founded his own Spa and health centre in Leipzig specialising in Thai massage. In 2009 he finished a 5 - year - study in osteopathy.

Over the last ten years he visited the Sunshine House in Greece every year where he took part in courses for Osteo-Thai. In 2009 and 2010 he was a student at the Circus.

Thomas loves to combine Thai massage and osteopathy in a dynamic and rhythmic way, turning it into symphonic dance on the floor.

For many years he has been passing on his experience and loves to be inspired by various theories and approaches. Just like in an orchestra he plays the instruments of his expertise and passion to create a thankful concert.

 Including this year I did a training in sound bowl therapy.  I love going on treasure hunts with my son where I search for gold, antique coins and other traces of history.

Teachers: Arno, Robert Henderson, Felicity Joy, Pascal Beaumart, Pichett, Takis, David Ludd, Gabrial Azoulay




Guest teachers:


Rachel Ellery:  Anatomy 


 Danny Paradise: Shamanism yoga




Sonia Ama : Ashtanga and yin yoga



Logistic and Magic:


Raphael Burkhardt



 10  years Circus magic man

 Logistic and Public Relation , Lao translator 

Herbal steam Sauna expert

day off treks  and all transports organisation

coconut master 



Master chef Andre


 André is a passionate autodidactic vegetarian and vegan cook since about ten years. Since six years he is part of a mobile vegan kitchen collective situated in Berlin of which four years he also cooks on a professional basis. During that time he has been part of catering projects in many different settings. From creative eventcatering for smaller groups to organizing massmeals for up to two thousand people (e.g. Wendland anti-nuclear protests 2011, Fusion Festival Backstage Catering since 2012, or Degrowth Conference 2014). Ever since, André envisioned himself also as an aktivist, supporting people with food, whereever there is need for while coming together for meaningful reasons. André loves to experiment with nonstraightforward dishes and ingredients and to surprise people with flavorful richness.




Felix Cufre : 



Felix  started to study Thai Massage at the Circus by the hand of Arno L´hermitte invitation several years ago. Felix has gone a long way as a regular practitioner and assistant. He has worked along side with Itzhak Helman in Lahu village in various opportunities. His passion for thai massage and gipsy traveling brought him to share his humble touch in many countries and people. 


Felix gives support to the kitchen & Chef from all aspects, from a fun cook to be submerged in the labyrinths of the markets and shops of Luang Prabang where he supplies all Circus kitchen needs and beyond.  Felix is in charge of most baking in the live fire of a Cob Oven made by himself at Circus Village.


He participates in the general organization of the Circus bringing harmony and Beauty to our land and spaces.

Now Felix is based in Buenos Aires- Argentina where continues spreading and sharing the art of thai massage.